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Aug 1, 2014

Monthly Buys - July

Monthly Buys – July


It’s that time again. Time to share my favorite purchases of the month.
monthly buys july

1. Chuck Taylor All Star

I absolutely love Converses for the summer time! I think they can give any outfit that cute not trying to hard look. I love that i can just throw these on and go.

2. Betsey Johnson Cat-Eye Sunglasses

These cat eye shades have replaced my Ray-Ban Wayfares this month. I love the girly cat-eye…

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Jul 31, 2014

Emeli Sandè - My Kind of Love

Emeli Sandè – My Kind of Love

How powerful is the message in Emeli Sandè video for My Kind OF Love.

Words hurt more then actions and I love how the words were portrayed as slugs being shot from the mouth rather than a gun. Physical pain is not forever but words can leave scars that can not be seen by everyone and those are the scars hidden deep inside that do…

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A Trip Down Memory Lane: My 21st Birthday

A Trip Down Memory Lane: My 21st Birthday

My birthday is coming up and in honor of not knowing what the hell to do this year I started thinking of all my birthdays in the past and I have to say last year was probably the best if you leave out that I turned into a drunken mess. I swear I thought I was going to die. I woke up in my living room still drunk wondering how I got there and who put my pajamas on and literally crawled to my bed…

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Will Louboutin nail polish be gracing your nails?? 💅 Info and  launch dates on katteyes.com (link on bio)
Jul 24, 2014

Will Louboutin nail polish be gracing your nails?? 💅 Info and launch dates on katteyes.com (link on bio)

Jul 24, 2014

Christian Louboutin Launches Nail Polish Line

Christian Louboutin Launches Nail Polish Line

We are all familiar with the red bottom shoes. Well, I’m not sure how late I am but I just found out that shoe guru, Christian Louboutin, will be launching his very own collection of signature nail polishes. The bottle is 8 inches tall, inspired by the Ballerina Ultima heel, the tallest height the designer ever used for a shoe.


The Red shade - Rouge Louboutin - will be going on sale at Saks…

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stealthyspice said: sooo me and this dude are 69ing and he's sort of not doing that great a job so I'm like, "hey, can you maybe pay more attention" and he goes, "what do you want me to do?" and I'm like, "uhhh I dunno nigga eat me out?" and he goes, "I'll eat you if you eat me" and puts his ass near my face. I had 0.03 seconds worth of life decisions to make as I became drier than uncooked ramen. "maybe you should go ahead and take your ass home.." he was mad at me though..




So, one time I was 69ing (since we are in this spectrum) and I was on the bottom. The girl was on top and had her back arched SUPER deep. I am going in, shit was cool. Shorty eventually cums and in the midst of her cumming she queefs so fucking hard and loud, I literally jumped out my fucking skin bruh.

First of all my nose was so fucking close to the hole that I lost my breath. Do you know how you can’t catch your breath when it’s too windy outside and you’re walking in the direction that the wind is coming so you have to move your head to catch a breath?

Shit was like


It got in my eyes too I felt like I was getting an eye exam when they blow the puffs of air in your eye balls. MY NIGGA.

I jump up like:

wtf and look at her like:

She turns around and looks back at me and says nothing. LOL

OH MY GODDDDD. I just spit tea every where. Almost choked and died yo…

If you tell the truth,
it becomes a part of your past.
If you lie,
it becomes a part of your future.
real shit. (via missladymillz)

(via missladymillz)

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